04 August 2005

Election Strategies

Now is the time for progressives, independents, democrats, anyone who is interested in opposing the status quo in government to begin developing election strategies for 2006.

There are a multitude of important decisions to make, like; endorsement considerations and running third party candidates to challenge the status quo opposition.

It is obvious that the neo-conservative agenda is harmful, and destructive to America and the world at large. Should we focus on de-throning the neo-cons? Should we vote our consciences? Maybe de-throning the neo-cons is obeying the conscience; it may be. At least, we need a greater set of voices of reason in government. Perhaps we should focus on small steps, then we can work on healing and improving things, once the wound is cauterized and the bleeding stopped.

Or in Naderesque fashion, is a better strategy to come right out with it and challenge the whole power structure? To call-out the inherent problems in America vis a vis Corporatism, environmental and social crisis, etc - Maybe the majority is not ready for these messages. But maybe we can develop a system of framing to make this message not only palatable, but exciting, appealing and ultimately successful.

These are some important questions that all of us who care about America, and want to see beneficial change, need to start asking. Now is the time to formulate both general and specific electoral strategies.

I think a focus on the local races is important. If we all put our effort in at the local level, then that energy will eventually percolate up the ladder, to state and federal campaigns.

What do you think?

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