31 July 2008

I Support the Military Personnel of the USA

I want to insert the fact that I am not "anti-troop." I support American Soldiers and I take great pity on all military personnel who are convinced and coerced into enabling an unjust and unlawful operation. In fact, I am "pro-troop." I don't want our troops to be put in harm's way without a damn good reason for doing so.

I ask that those who are responsible for the illegal invasion and occupation be held responsible. Who is responsible? Well, it's the sources of the lies and obfuscation about the war themselves - those prominent members of the Bush Administration who repeatedly told the People of the USA, the Congress and USA Military Personnel lies upon lies and falsehoods upon falsehoods in order to conjure up a war that is in their personal private interests.

They conjured a war to fulfill their idea of national interest - which is global dominance. But there is no way that global domination is in the true best interests of the USA. And thousands of soldiers have died - hundreds of thousands have likely been wounded (for more on this please see the website for Vincent Bugliosi's new book: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder). Which is not to belittle the fact that millions of Iraqis have been killed and now suffer as a result.

Those who foisted this wrongful, ill begotten war of aggression deserve to be held accountable. Let them know that I oppose the war, and I simultaneously support the American soldier - I don't want my fellow Americans to be used for idiotic wars of imperialism. I know that Iraq didn't threaten the USA. So stop the war now! Stop the use of public ports for illegal wars of aggression and private interest!

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