03 July 2008

Marine in Afghanistan to US Civilians: Do what you can to get us out of here


Here's a great segment, I was impressed by a statement from a Marine at about 4 minutes and 22 seconds into the program. The Marine says (I'm paraphrasing): My question is for the civilians. What are you doing? What are you doing to get us out of here?

Check it out for yourself.


  1. Lance Cpl. Michael Ertle, right, a Marine in Garmsir district, says "The hardest thing for us is to go home and not be supported for what we're doing over here, whether they agree with the war or they don't agree with the war, we're still here fighting for their rights."

    Did you even bother to read the story?

  2. I can imagine how hard it would be to come back and feel a lack of support.

    Why do you think the troops are not being supported for what they are doing over there?

  3. It's not about me and what I think. It's what THEY think.
    Your actions are not appreciated by the troops.
    What you do isn't for them or about them, it's all about YOU.
    They know it, we know it, and deep down inside you do too.

  4. Sorry, but I refuse to worship soldiers as heroes. Some of them do great things. Some of them do terrible things.

    It would be wrong to turn a blind eye to the wrongs that are being committed in these wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    If my actions aren't appreciated by the troops, it is only because of misunderstanding. The wars are wrongful. They are unjustified. The USA is engaged in foreign wars of occupation and aggression - the service of our soldiers and military personnel is being taken advantage of - they are being asked and coerced into the service of the corporate agenda of global domination.

    Our troops are being abused. By wrongful policies and decision making on the part of our government's officials.

  5. May I ask what it is that you do for a living? How you support yourself? It's VERY relevant.

  6. Hey dipshit, the Marine volunteered and thats it. As for you lil' Robbie.....KISS MY ASS