28 February 2009

Howard Zinn: Against Discouragement

I just listened to an interview of Howard Zinn by David Barsamian, on Alternative Radio. I recommend it. Informative about politics, economics, and power. Here's a short description, which barely begins to capture the substance and depth of the program, and also a link to the program web-page at alternativeradio.org:
Howard Zinn: Against Discouragement

"It wasn't that long ago when the United States labeled the African National Congress as a terrorist organization. Its leader, Nelson Mandela languished for years in prison. Then because of massive grassroots movement and international support through boycott and divestment, Mandela is released and South Africa frees itself from its apartheid regime. Throughout history people have overcome tremendous odds to advance the cause of justice. Take the civil rights movement. What were African Americans up against? The entire apparatus of power from the courthouse to the statehouse was controlled by segregationists. And the federal government? Asleep at the wheel. Nevertheless, blacks organized and fought back against tremendous odds. The key to the struggle was collective action. There's an African proverb that captures that spirit, "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.""
Really, great interview. Worth the cost of purchase.


  1. Do you support Palestinian suicide bombings, or is violence the problem (not the solution)?


  2. What could possible so bad to drive someone to suicide bombing?

    The oppression must be severe for such a consequence.

    Anonymous. I do not support suicide bombing.

    Be reasonable.