21 February 2009

A Theft from the People

To the U.S. Government and its keepers:
Stop stealing from the American People. Stop collecting tax monies to support a system that is harmful and destructive. Instead of spending money on war of aggression, on conquest, domination and imperialism—spend the money on projects which uplift humanity, spend the money on projects which are true to the service of life...

Stop spending money on death and destruction. Support projects that bring people closer toward one another. Support education, so people can better understand the world and each other, and become more tolerant and accepting.

Stop this thievery. Stop doing the bidding of a few powerful businesses and industries, and instead re-orient the system toward serving the best and common interests of all people in terms of the need for meaningful employment; healthy food, water and air; education; and a stable and truly sustainable economy.

Stop engaging in and enabling harmful economic activities.
(What is harmful? Let's have that discussion.)

[edit 2/25/09: Also in need of discussion is the necessity to invest in truly sustainable infrastructure - as opposed to simply aiming economic stimulus toward propping up this same old tired and broken, and iniquitous, system.

Additionally, the topic of education is of vital importance to addressing the need for knowledgeable, aware and capable individuals upon whom a great burden of reckoning will be placed in years to come.]


  1. A discussion about what "education" is would be important too (in my opinion).

    I think it's important to stress that schooling isn't necessary education; schooling may well be the opposite of education. (I say that as a grad. student -- lodged in academia.)

  2. Yes, education is a huge issue.

    And so is investing in sustainable and benign socio-economic infrastructure...