17 February 2009

Two Weeks Ago

I already posted this, but want to return to a letter I wrote a couple weeks ago to advocate dropping charges against the Oly 26. This group of people protested against the use of the municipal port for the shipment of military cargoes related to the occupation of Iraq. Drop Charges Against Oly 26 Protesters


  1. Could you please provide a current version of the Hamas Charter?

    I cannot believe that the 1988 Charter is still a functioning document.

    Will you please show me evidence that this charter is a working document?

    Thank you!

  2. First: Do you denounce this document? You know, since you are against violence and all.

  3. 1) are you against violence?

    2) why did you repost the Hamas charter several times in the comment section of my blog? That's spamming!

  4. I am against Israeli and Palestians violence, and make this clear every discussion I have on the issue. You, however, do not condemn Palestinian violence, even when asked directly about it. Why is that Berd? Please, for the home audience, what types of violence do you support?
    Exploding airplanes? Buses? Cafes? Do you support the methods used by Hamas? A very clear question. It's okay, Berd. Just say it: You support suicide bombings if it "justified."

  5. The difference between us Berd is this: I agree with most of what you say about Israel AND that the Palestinians use of violence is wrong. You see? The two are not exclusive. For some reason, you refuse to comment on the second half of this.

    I agree with most of what you say about Israel AND that Jordan is a racist nation. You see?

    I agree with most of what you say about Israel AND that Arafat was a discrase to his people. You see?

    It's okay, Berd--Israel can be terrible AND many Arab countries continue to be non-democratic right-wing theocracies that violate rights of women, non-musliims, and homosexuals.

    Why you write ONLY about Israel--given the widespread injustice, violence, and hatred in many Middle Eastern countries?

  6. This is very simple. The answer to your question is that Israel is a problem, and a focus, because of the special relationship between Israel and my government of the USA.

    If the USA was providing $30 Billion in support to Saudi Arabia, then I would be just as opposed to the intolerable and oppressive actions of Saudi Arabia.

    I condemn violence on all sides of this conflict.

    What must be understood, what you must understand, is that Israel is the aggressor. Israel is the aggressor and the oppressor.

    That's why I am in solidarity with Palestinians.

    Free Gaza.

    Intifada! Freedom! Freedom from tyranny and violence of the Israeli State!