02 January 2010

Cremation of Care

Bohemian Grove EntranceOne of the biggest stories that I followed in 2009 was about the Bohemian Grove and the Cremation of Care. In early June of 2009, Lindsey Baum, an eleven year old child from McCleary, Washington went missing (and was possibly abducted.) McCleary is near Olympia and the story received a lot of attention. For some reason, the abduction of this child struck me, and made me think of the Cremation of Care ceremony that occurs at the annual midsummer Bohemian Grove encampment. In the ceremony, the effigy of a child named Dull Care gets cremated.

Alex Jones claims to have infiltrated the grove and the ceremony, and to have made the following video of the ceremony - which is shocking and highly disturbing.

I believe that to care is a virtue, and oughtn't be thought of as onerous or burdensome. And as you can see from the video of the ceremony, it is obvious that some of the members of the Bohemian Grove may think differently - maybe even going so far as to think of care as an obstacle to the workings of the marketplace.

An attitude of disdain for care - amongst some of the world's most powerful, and influential, men of business and government - an attitude of disdain for the important necessary moral place of care in our society is, I believe, a tremendous driver of social and environmental violence (ranging from child abductions and other domestic violence, to industrial pollution, global warming, and the extinction of species, to the structural roots of the world's problem of one billion chronically hungry human beings, to war and the military-congressional-industrial complex, and the multitudinous various oppressions and injustices that exist in between...)

I don't know about the authenticity of this video - but it seems to be genuine. I don't know how Alex Jones could have possibly infiltrated the Grove - he even claims to have been stopped numerous times by security, meanwhile the secret camera he has in a bag just happens to be out of tape at the time. I think it's possible that the Jones video was done with some sort of consent (very much unlike Alex Shoumatoff's visit.) And I certainly do not necessarily agree with Alex Jones on everything, including some of the comments made in the video (some of which sounded quite racist, homophobic, and anti-pagan (just because the Bohos do some pagan ritual doesn't mean that all paganism is corrupt and/or evil!)) But the ceremony is interesting to see, and you can judge for yourself.

Your truth will set you free.

So check it out, and see/decide for yourself.

And I should add a warning - this video is quite shocking and disturbing.

Here's what I think is the full length video, though I can't be sure. The CC Ceremony starts about 1 hour and 17 minutes into the video:

The following video is a smaller excerpt from the above. I recommend watching the above.


Here's an embed of the same video:


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