01 January 2010

Earth Shaking Transformation

Earth-Shaking Transformation | Open Exchange of Mutual Self-Esteem
I was alerted to this great quote by Rob Brezsny's excellent weekly newsletter. freewillastrology.com

"At this point in history, the most radical, pervasive, and earth-shaking transformation would occur simply if everybody truly evolved to a mature, rational, and responsible ego, capable of freely participating in the open exchange of mutual self-esteem. Then, there would be a real New Age." -Ken Wilber

I love the idea of all of humanity learning to live alongside each other, the idea of all human beings learning to live alongside each other in peace and harmony. Instead of engaging in destructive competition over resources and in order to "get ahead" of each other—instead of striving for dominance, and instead of putting each other down—we can work to lift each other up, we can work with each other to rise up with each other for the benefit of all.

Now we have a world that is largely dominated by the singular push for economic self-interest - the financial bottomline. But another way is possible. Imagine it. Imagine all of humanity working in unison for a common and meaningful purpose—an uplifting purpose (e.g. to put an end to hurtful and degrading socio-political-economic systems.) We can strive for truth, for peace, for justice, for nonviolence, for equality, equitableness, equity, for sustainability, and for an end to oppression, and an end to destructive economic systems. Yes we can. We can make it happen.

The harm that is being done to ourselves, to each other, and to this beautiful planet Earth that we call home—is unnecessary. It is unnecessary to do harm. We, as human beings, have the potential to live in ways that actually make the Earth a better place to live. Right now, our socio-political-economic systems do a lot of harm. But it doesn't need to be this way. Another world is possible. Another way is possible: a way of peace, truth, justice, compassion, kindness, cooperation, and harmony between humanity and itself, and between humanity and the rest of the world.

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