23 January 2010

Trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, April 2009

Getty Center Garden Cafe
This is one of the amazing views from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles (see large: Getty Center Garden Cafe and Valley Panorama

Here's a slide show with about 100 or so photos from April 2009 during a visit to the Getty Museum:

The Getty Museum


  1. I think that picture is really beautiful. I know it's the view from a museum, but it's the type of place where I feel I could sit down, enjoy my surroundings, and read a book start to finish while amongst such a place.

  2. I'm glad you like it - thank you... It's a beautiful place, spectacular I think. There were definitely people there who were just taking the time to tune in, or tune out, or check out, or enjoy the beautiful environment to do some reading.

    One person was meditating intensely.

    There's good food there too. Museum admission is free and the museum is accessible by public transit. Parking costs about 10 dollars if I remember right.