23 March 2010

Norman Finkelstein Talks about Israel on Democracy Now!

Norman Finkelstein Responds to Clinton, Netanyahu AIPAC Comments
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told attendees at the AIPAC conference on Monday that the US commitment to Israel is “rock-solid,” but Clinton did criticize Israel for continuing to build settlements in occupied East Jerusalem. In a defiant speech hours after Clinton’s address, Netanyahu rejected US criticism and vowed to continue building settlements. We speak with Norman Finkelstein, author of the new book, This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion. [includes rush transcript]


  1. Great piece on ethnic cleansing in Jordan..


  2. Why won't the Jordanians share Palestine?

  3. Wait! You thought Palestine was JUST Israel? Stop the Jordanian occupation of Palestine!
    It's not occupation unless it's a Jew?