27 March 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earlier this evening I went to see Annie Leonard give a talk at Orca Books about her new book. It's titled, The Story of Stuff, and it is basically an expansion on the same ideas that are part of a video she did. The video was a tremendous success, having been seen by people in hundreds of countries all around the world. The book also is showing early signs of success. One of the main messages in the video and book is that another way is possible. That is, we as a humanity can do better. We can live in a way that is not destructive. We can live in a way that instead is actually beneficial to all beings. We can live in a way that serves life, i.e. promotes health and ecological stability, etc.... Annie mentioned that she is a strong proponent of legislation that would curtail and counteract pollution and other destructive economic activities... She also talked about going through a program at a leadership institute (Rockwood), and how beneficial that experience was in terms of learning about her communication style, and ability to interact effectively, and be able to meet members of her target audience (which is pretty much everyone) where they are. She also mentioned Free Range studios for the great work they did in helping with her video. You can find more information about the Story of Stuff on the website, here. If you want to buy the book, Annie strongly recommends visiting your locally owned independent bookseller. If you don't have one of those, maybe you can buy it off of the Story of Stuff website.

After that, I wrote three poems titled, "A River," "The Illusion of Solidity," and "Take the Bus."

I also photographed some night scenes around town. There was a lot of activity downtown tonight. People seemed to be quite agitated.

I wonder if we will experience another big earthquake sometime around the upcoming full Moon.


here are those photos (in chronological order):
Budd Bay seen from SE Percival Landing

Capitol Campus Seen from Percival Landing


Swantown Marina, Eastbay Olympia, with Olympic Mountains and Priest Point Under Waxing Gibbous Moon

Swantown Marina, Eastbay Olympia, with Olympic Mountains and Priest Point Under Waxing Gibbous Moon

Eastbay Park Overlook Platform

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