22 March 2010

Protest to Mark Seven Years of Iraq War

This past weekend (March 19 through March 21) marked the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the Bush Administration's war in Iraq. People rallied near and far. On Friday, people gathered at Percival Landing especially to mark the war. I posted the following on OlyBlog: Protest Marks Seven Years of Iraq War
Artesian Rumble Arkestra at the Friday Evening Peace Vigil
The wars of the USAHere's a photo of me at the vigil, and here are some comments I have about US wars and international policy:

The wars of the USA are illegitimate.
The wars are not legitimate acts of self-defense, but instead, they are offensive.
They are acts of aggression.
Imperialism is immoral: and illegal.
The wars are illegal!

On Sunday there was a protest in Seattle. A few hundred people participated. Below are some photos, and a slideshow, from the Seattle Protest. Here's a link to the photos I posted externally:
Seattle Protest to Mark Seven Years of Iraq War
Illegal Immoral Invasion of Iraq Statistics
Statistics about the immoral and illegal invasion of Iraq
The Pentagon: America's Sucking Chest Wound
The Pentagon: America's Sucking Chest Wound
Federal Protective Service Police
Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service Police:
"All wars are fought for money." - Socrates
Listen to Soldiers
Listen to Soldiers
Pike Place Market
Approaching Pike Place Market


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