03 July 2010

More on the Social Forum

Group Photo in Front of the Matilda B. "Freedom House"I was impressed and I am still struck with the spirit, or theme, of caring that was evinced during the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit. I believe that properly caring for myself includes caring for the well-being of all other people. I understand that all people are interconnected, and interdependent upon each other. So when I hurt another person, I am also hurting myself. I believe this is true for everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

So it was great to see so many dedicated caring people committed to making the world a better place—all in one place, in Detroit, a city which has seen its fair share of suffering as a result of the consequences of a boom and bust economic system, as well as other unfavorable social trends and pressures (violence in the media, corruption in government...a generally abusive socio-economic-political system...)

It was also great to see so much resilience in the face of such unfavorable trends and pressures.

I have been uploading more photos to my flickr pages, here. I also posted a blog article about being back in Olympia on OlyBlog, here.

Be well, and I hope you survive the warzone this weekend. It's July 3rd and it already sounds like Armageddeon in my neighborhood. Though I do remember a time when I was very enthusiastic about the fireworks...

I guess the fireworks wouldn't bother me if they weren't a celebration of war. If they were instead a celebration of life, and of a stable society, and the mutual health and prosperity of all people.

For now, I don't think fireworks make sense, because there is so much that is wrong with the world. It would make more sense to spend resources on fixing the problems in the world, on fixing the problem of inequality in distribution of wealth and resources.


Happiness does not equal having or controlling more than others. Happiness = serving the mutual well-being of all people. Liberation from economic instability!

Liberation from economic instability and liberation from economic violence—for all!

That includes all people everywhere, without regard to age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, nor any other defining characteristic! (that includes hairstyles)

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