16 July 2010

Thought Bandit!

I just posted three new blogs on OlyBlog. One about the socially destructive nature of advertisements, another about my letter of interest to serve on the Editorial Board of The Olympian, and the following Thought Bandit, which is also cross posted here:

Thought Bandit!

I stopped in at Traditions a week ago Friday prior to the weekly Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Vigil. The food was great. While I was there I saw this van stopped at the traffic light outside, so I jumped up quick to snap a photo. Here it is with some thoughts about government, business, and society. —Berd
Thought Bandit Van
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Some thoughts inspired by the Thought Bandit van, and by today's (Friday, July 16, 2010) Letters to the Editor in The Olympian:

I think there's a good argument that the USA is a fascist nation.

After all, for one, the USA is imperialistic. That's an observation, not a judgment. It's inarguable. Not a matter of debate. The judgment is that imperialism is wrong.

The USA is a global bully. Taking without asking, and trashing the planet.

What the USA does and enables is just plain wrong. The USA needs to change. The USA needs to stop harming the world.

If it's not acceptable in kindergarten, then why is it acceptable in government and business?

p.s. Please attend the Peace Vigil if you can! You're invited and welcome! It's from 4:30 to 6pm every Friday at Percival Landing.

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