13 August 2010

From Tacoma

This photo is from Tacoma Washington, near the County City Building. I was there to attend a trial for a friend of mine who was charged with disorderly conduct after blocking a military vehicle.
Friday, August 12, 2010
Parking lot near County City Building
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Daniel Ellsberg
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In this photo, Mr. Ellsberg is seen in the witness stand, in the court of Pierce County Judge Maggie Ross, where he gave testimony in a trial where the state was prosecuting a war protestor in a case of nonviolent direct action civil resistance.

Ellsberg delivered a brilliant testimonial about his life and experience, ranging from education at Harvard, to service in the Marine Corps, to consulting with the White House and State Department, to releasing the Pentagon Papers, which detailed incriminating documents, that related to the invasion and occupation of Vietnam, by the US government.

The jury delivered a disappointing verdict, finding the defendant guilty, a strike against the claim of necessity.

But it seems to me that the defendant, Patty Imani, who is a care-giver by trade, is a winner anyway, because of her principled and courageous act of conscience in resistance to aggression.


  1. May I suggest that you travel the world, especially to the middle east & live there too, experiencing the culture, views, values & religions. You just might come back with a different point of view. I am against the war myself, but have RESPECT to try to change things in a positive way, like voting or writing my government officials. I will NEVER understand or agree with those who act with violence or break the law in the name of peace. That is about as oxymoron as you can get. As a retired Marine who HAS lived, worked & traveled especially in Asia & the middle east, I think I have a fairly good understanding of life over there & why we may be needed. Respect the military. Respect the men & women serving your country in harms way. Disagree with the war, but do it in a positive way without impeding the work of our brave military folk. Sir, will you feel the same way when terrorism strikes us again on our shores? It's going to happen & that scares the hell out of many of us. We are just bidding time, but MANY out in our world want the US detroyed & its citezens gone. If you want peace, run for office, work at changing our laws, but stay within the laws. Be a postive roll model, not the butt or jokes or ridicule from the average individual. Yes, I do take this action as an attack on the military and my respect for anyone like that flies out the window in a heartbeat.

  2. The problem is that the USA is the aggressor. The actions of the US gov't are among the principle motivating factors of terrorism.

  3. Laura, were you at the trial?

    The witnesses for the defense explained why it is important to participate in nonviolent civil resistance (and disobedience) against aggression.

    I thought that their testimonies were very reasonable.

  4. Berd: Why aren't you boycotting American products?

  5. Which local American stores should I boycott due to America's aggressive imperialism and support of Israel?