18 August 2010

Work for Peace and Justice

Work for peace and justice, so that all beings may be happy.


  1. Great Blog. We need more blogs like this to awaken people for the Universal Cause of World Peace. Wishing you continuous success in this significant service for the progressive development of the human race.

  2. Undeniable Fact: Look it up. Jews CANNOT be citizens in Jordan. Arabs can be citizens in Israel. Is Jordan an appartheid state? Why or why not? Do not include Israel in your answer. Are Jews given full status as citizens in Jordan? Why are you buying products from Jordan and economically supporting racism. Again: I know you'll start talking about Israel, but don't. What are your criticisms of Jordan's racial policies? Thanks

  3. Is Hamas the only right-wing religious conservative organization that you support?

    For readers of your blog, can you refer us to your criticisms of Hamas, a group of Muslim Republicans?