01 January 2011


Hello. It's 2011 now. I realize that I don't like the 12 month calendar. For one, it is invalidating of the Moon's approximately 13 cycles around the Earth. There are other reasons.

Today is sunny and cold here in Olympia. Brisk. Quiet. Crisp.

2011. What will this year bring? Maybe it will bring reconciliation. Maybe it will bring friendliness amongst all people.

May all people can find healing, and space to ask for forgiveness, and to be forgiven for however they may have done harm to others. Let us learn to listen first, without reacting, so that we may address the root causes of violence in society...

May we begin to see changes toward a society that is rational, one that recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings, and seeks to assure the mutual health and happiness of all—for the good of all.

*_* ¡Total peace in 2011!

My friend just called from Idaho, where they're waiting for the shuttle, and they say hi. It's very cold in Idaho, 7º. Hi friend! Safe travels!

Right now I am in a coffee shop. Deanosaur is talking to me about Sea Shephard and whaling. He says the good guys are winning. He says check it out, go to seashephard.org.

Deano says that peacepotential.blogspot.com is going to be the biggest thing in Olympia in 2011.

So, that's it. I am going to go talk to the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers at Traditions in a few minutes.

Total peace! hahaha

Here are some photos.

Wishing for peace in 2011
International Call for Peace

12 months and 13 Moons in the year-what the heck
12 'months' and 13 Moons in the year...what the heck!


PL dark at 6pm
Percival Landing in the Dark at 6pm

Change to a peaceful foreign policy
Counter Fear with Love!

Next 3 Ocks Change
Hallelujah, change for peace!


Best wishes for health and happiness to all!

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  1. Namaste! Enjoyed your Minnesota visit pics. My home state actually. ;)