17 January 2011

We'd like to speak with the commander.

Saturday 15 January 2011, Bangor Kitsap Naval Base

On Saturday I participated in a protest against nuclear weapons. Here is a short recount of the events from my perspective:

The six of us crossed the line holding hands and walked abreast toward the gate sentry. we were confronted in a rapid manner by base security personnel, and I spoke to them, "We'd like to talk to the commander." The security detail seemed to do a double-take, visibly flinch, and then we were told, "sorry, that's not an option." We were then given a chance to "reconsider." We looked at each other and smiled. The security personnel took this as a queue to take us into custody, whereby we were each held by our arms and walked approximately 50 meters or so to a nearby van, where we were processed. I handed over my driver's license and gave them my current address, phone number, full social security number, and current weight. They took photographs, mug shots, straight on and each profile. I tried to smile, but I'm not sure how they turned out.

I hope the soldiers were able to sense that I do not view them as the enemy, and that my concern for their well-being is real. I believe that we are all victims of militarism, racism, and economic injustice—whatever our skin color, or economic background. A system that is based on competition for economic resources, and involves exploitation of labor and other economic abuse is not serving life.

We need a system that serves life, and values the intrinsic dignity and worthiness of every single human being. We are all members of the human family.

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  1. Thanks for being there and being a witness for peace.

  2. Have you noticed that you have no friends your own age? Your peers have rejected your narcissism.

  3. 1: I'm not narcissistic.

    2: Your comment seems ageist.

  4. You are a hypocritical, narcissistic man of hate. That's all there is to it, Berd. Everyone sees through your phony, contrived striving for perfection. Has it ever occurred to you how righteous you are, to stand day-after-day on street corners preaching to other adults? Challenge: Go a week without taking a photo of yourself.

  5. we'd like to speak with the commander...

    to ask for full-scale and complete decommissioning of all nuclear weapons on the base

    we/i do not believe that complete decommission of all nuclear weapons in the USA would subject the USA, or engender the USA to a risk of attack.