20 January 2011

Olympic Mountains in the Light of the Moon

Olympic Mountains in the light of the Moon
Full Moon, Wednesday 19 January 2011
view larger: Olympic Mountains in the Light of the Full Moon, January 2011


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  2. For BDS advocates, setting members of a once-friendly community at each other’s throats is a small price to pay for their own political aggrandizement. And as for “peace” being their end goal, their behavior highlights the fact that just as organizations whose names included “The People” usually involves the smallest number of them, organizations that proclaim themselves “peace groups” while endlessly demonizing their political opponents look suspiciously like the propaganda arm of a war effort.

  3. Stop the culture and climate of hate, Berd.

  4. I have no idea if the locals who are putting so much effort into getting the Oly boycott reversed will eventually succeed (I hope they do). But even as that drama plays out, Sacramento shows that co-ops now understand that boycott does not fit in with the principles of the co-op movement, and New Seasons Market demonstrates that co-ops ) know BDS well enough to not bother giving boycott proposals the time of day.

    Stop the Climate of Hate in Olympia!