22 December 2011

Lately I have been doing a lot of work with the Occupy movement. There was a tent city here in Olympia. It was evicted six days ago, on Friday of last week. It was sometimes referred to as an encampment and sometimes as a village. I liked to call it the Olympia Occupy Wall Street Solidarity Village.

I have been helping with the Occupy effort. Some of the work I have been doing is along the lines of moral and metaphysical support. And some is decidely more physical. For example, I befriended and helped a homeless person (Catron) get services for alcoholism.

I have also been helping with documentation. Mostly with photos and video. But also with my own eyes and ears, personally witnessing the situation.

I have put a ton of work into communicating with people, via email and Facebook and Twitter, and other Internet media, as well as face-to-face, really working to protect and 'mother' the movement's position regarding popular support.

A lot of that work has occurred on Facebook, as well as in personal interactions, and in the General Assemblies.

Mostly though, the amazing work that has been done, and the accomplishments that have been achieved, have truly resulted from what has been a remarkable and spectacular TEAM EFFORT. No one or two or three or four or twenty of us could have done it by ourselves. It has truly been a VILLAGE EFFORT.

I want to recognize everyone who has participated in that effort, in ways great and small, in ways obvious and overt, and in ways that can only be sensed on the most subtle wavelengths. We all deserve credit and recognition.

And the effort is far from over. In fact this may be just the beginning of a real resistance. There is certainly a lot of work still to do. I hope that most of us are looking forward to working for as-long-as-it-takes, and also looking forward to doing in good ways what will be necessary to get the changes that are necessary.

I love you all, happy holidays. Happy Channukah, Merry Christmas, Blissful Kwanzaa, and Super Solstice to you and the ones you love.

Occupy Holiday Cheer.

And Peace!

some of the videos and photos and other information can be found at the following websites:

Occupy Olympia Main Website:

OO Twitter:

OO YouTube:

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OO Facebook(s), Page:



  1. I'm not sure I understand the connection between the Occupy movement and peace.

    John Ptacek

  2. Hey John, thanks for commenting. You hint that maybe you have some understanding.

    I think that a more apt question might be, "how are the Occupy Movement and peace not connected." That might be easier to answer because of how intimately and inextricably connected are the two!!!

    Really, what could be more anti-thetical to peace than the idea that people can make money off of war?!

    And that is exactly what is happening on Wall Street. People are making money off of war.

    People are raking in cash for killing.

    I am still interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks again for your comment.

    Season's greetings, cheers, and best wishes,