11 December 2011

Occupy the Conversation

occupy conversations!

Just today I had the most excellent conversation with someone.

I think most people really understand and support the movement against the Wall Street Style speculative and predatory economic cultural and system.

Occupy the conversations in our neighborhoods and in our homes and with our families and friends with uplifting words of solidarity and moral support. We can carry on! An ongoing occupation of the heart and mind!

Regarding encampments: I think they're important. It is an important physical space. It takes a lot of work. Work that the state should be doing. Work that the state should have prevented from having to be done — if the state would have regulated and protected against the harmful "Free Market" behaviors that have resulted in so many injuries and impairments...

A better world is possible. A world that works best for everyone.

Fight the good fight. Keep the faith.

1 comment:

  1. My question is why do we expect the state to fulfill these roles? I am not occupying until the state steps in (and provides), I am trying to create the type of future I want to live in. We have been robbed of family and community, stripped of our right to peacefully assemble, and encouraged to distrust and hate those we find different. Encampments give us all a chance to practice peaceful co-existence and direct democracy at the deepest, most basic level. I don't want the state to house and feed my neighbors, I want my neighbors to take care of one another. Thank you for sharing your page, Berd. In love and friendship, Wendy.