04 December 2011

Livestreaming the Past Few Days

Monday 5 December 2011 UPDATE: After posting this I realized that I want to apologize profusely for losing my temper, and my own anger, frustration, and violent language. I am making efforts to take better care of myself. To not get as hungry! I am going to my favorite local food store to pick up some easy to eat snacks that I can keep on my person at all times! Best, Berd

The Olympia Occupy Media Team has been utilizing real-time live streaming onto the Internet more and more over the past few days. Some of us at OO are hoping to be livestreaming more and more, including at General Assemblies. This past Friday and Saturday, I recorded about 2 or 3 hours or so. Here's the material, in order of first to last. It starts out from Friday night, when I attended the State Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. Other people from our team have also been streaming, and their efforts are also very much worthy of watching. The reason I am posting this is because I want to represent my own work here on this blog. Some of the topics ranged from challenging the myth of the honorableness of our "Founding Fathers" of the USA (re: talking about freedom and equality while holding slaves and destroying indigenous cultures/populations...) to the behavior/demeanor of protestors, as well as many other different topics and discussions in between! The following descriptions are far from complete.

Some people might say that my views are "anti-American."

I want to make it clear that I love this land, and the people very much. The problem for me, is the culture. And it's very deep. But not personal. When we speak of defending against enemies, foreign and domestic, I think we need to also examine our very own selves, for the "enemy" within — as evinced in attitudes of hate, feelings of superiority, conceit, and other such similar personality flaws.

Please watch. Thank you!


Watch live streaming video from occupyolympia at livestream.com
*** Here is about 45 minutes from Friday night, after projecting images onto the Capitol Campus hill, I walked up the switchback trail and attended the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. This video includes commentary about the basic nature of violence in our society, and questions the story that the "Founding Fathers" of the USA were entirely honorable (maybe they were manipulative—psychologically, economically—to suit their own benefit at the expense of others???)

Watch live streaming video from occupyolympia at livestream.com
This is another 45 minutes, from Saturday afternoon. Someone was arrested for disobeying their order to stay off the Capitol Campus for 30 days (after having been warning earlier in the week.) I don't have the full story. But I went around and had some really interesting conversations with people, including about the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The person I talked with, Nona, said that 10 of the 30 universal rights had been broken in the Special Legislative Session Opening Week of Action. Then I talked with Ryan and Ashley. We talked about a lot of stuff, including the State Patrol, and the events that occurred on Monday, when protestors attempted to "un-arrest" some people from a City Bus. There's more, but that's a little bit of what's in this video.

Watch live streaming video from occupyolympia at livestream.com
In this video, I return to the Legislative Building and visit the Military Re-enlistment Ceremony that took place in the State Reception Room. Visited the MLK Jr. bust, mentioned the "Beyond Vietnam" speech. Also visited the George Washington head, and rubbed his nose vigorously, with both hands.

Watch live streaming video from occupyolympia at livestream.com
In this video, there was discussion about the craziness of my hair. I also got really angry because people off-site were interfering with our livestream broadcasts. And someone from Seattle who introduced themselves as "Burning Man" broke a condom that was filled with skittles candy and made a mess. Susan asked about why humanity is evolving so slowly. Local members of the National Lawyers Guild were on hand with an information card, "What to do if you are stopped by the police." It was produced by the ACLU—and it was funny because the ACLU had just called me 10 minutes prior with their annual fundraising appeal. Thank you ACLU!

Watch live streaming video from occupyolympia at livestream.com
I was still confused about multiple streams operating and my livestream broadcast being interrupted. I was very angry. I said, "That's some bullshit." Then I apologized, and Susan gave me some food. And I felt much better. I talked about how I love military personnel. Cassie gave a report-back about Dakota, who was being detained for trespassing on public property. We theorized that we were mis-treated because we were second-class citizens.


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