21 January 2009

Go Obama!

Kimya Sings in ObamaHappy Inauguration Day! I was inspired by President Obama's message for hope and change, and I look forward to support President Obama, and encouraging him to approach necessary changes to a culture of conquest. It is important to remember how violent and destructive Western Societies have been toward indigenous populations and traditional cultures. As technology has developed, it has been used more and more to oppress human societies, and to exploit the material resources of the Earth. So, if we want change to truly better the position of humanity in the world, then we will have to explore and reconcile these fundamental conflicts between popular culture and the interests of sustainability and future generations.

Instead of seeking to defeat those who oppose the culture of conquest, it would be better to be open to dialogue and peaceful resolution of differences. Violence has not brought peace to our lives, and there is no rational reason to believe that it is capable of doing so.

In Nonviolent resolution of conflict and disagreement there is the greatest hope for uplifting and mutually beneficial, sustainable and lasting, and true solutions. Culture of conquest and militarism must continue to be vigorously challenged: I support President Barak Obama's potential to courageously come forward to speak these truths about, and confront, the harmful aspects of present day society.

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