13 January 2009

Obama Not Keen to Investigate Bush

It is critical to the future security and well-being of the USA to recognize the importance of holding public officials accountable for suspected violations of the law. If there is reasonable suspicion that crimes have taken place, then it is imperative to investigate and prosecute if warranted. Anything less would betray the justice system, and betray the laws which President-Elect Obama has sworn to protect.

How can we move safely and securely forward into the future if with a precedent to let suspected criminals just get away without even the slightest gesture of appointing a special investigator? Really, the investigation phase could probably be avoided, the intolerable abuses of members of the Bush Administration are so obvious and flagrant. If they tried to hide them they would be more likely to be called to account than if they, however audaciously, practice their heinous acts in broad daylight. Openness gives the appearance of prudence. But even a cursory analysis reveals many actions of the Bush Administration to be improper.

Bush and Cheney et al. must be held accountable. Our future well-being and security depend on it!


  1. Berd,
    It ain't gonna happen! Why? Because to hold Bush & Cheney accountable, the Democrats would have to expose their own culpability. This is the same reason Pelosi & Reid pulled impeachment off the table.

  2. Agh—it's so frustrating. But at least this situation exposes the very fundamental corruption of the establishment.

    You're right, Democrats (though with notable exceptions) are complicit.

    The foreign policy is bi-partisan. It's harming humanity, it's harming the planet.

    I want it to stop!