01 January 2009

What Peace Means to Me

Another World is Possible - RoyI had a lengthy conversation with my mother earlier this week about society and ethics and morals and peace, among other interrelated topics. At one point in the conversation, after I had apparently been extemporizing about the importance of a peaceful world, my mother said, "well I can tell that you value peace very highly."

I am glad she made this observation, which is true indeed, because it allowed and prompted me to respond and explain why peace is so important and of such value to me. My valuation of peace is important because peace is the product of so much that is important. Peace is the end result of harmonious co-existence between human societies in and of themselves, and between human societies and their environments (ecological, social, economic, etc.). Peace will happen when people finally begin (at least in a critical mass) to treat each other equally - and to hold each other accountable for treating each other equally. Peace will mean a vast amelioration of deep and unnecessary suffering amongst peoples, humans and other animals, plants, ecosystems, etc.. The achievement of peace will mean just, equitable, nonviolent, truthful, life-serving, and sustainable relationships between all peoples and the planet.

Peace means a lot to me. I value peace very highly. Peace is an end. But it is also a means toward it's own end. The ends do not justify the means. The ends are the means. If peace is the goal, then the means must be peaceful. So let us look to ourselves, and examine patterns of injustice, oppression, exploitation, etc. as they may exist in our own lives.

Another world is possible. I can hear her breathing.

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  1. Well said! I'd add something, but I think you covered the topic extremely well.