04 November 2010

Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd, song 7 on Dark Side of the Moon

If you haven't listened much to Pink Floyd, you might want to give them a try, I recommend it!


  1. Berd, what do you propose, in order to persuade and pressure the Jordanian state and society to stop abusing Palestinians?

  2. You are the biggest fucking hypocrite. Name ONE criticism you have of Jordan. Would ethnic cleansing be one of them? Or is ethnic cleansing a cultural phenomenon that cannot be judged?

  3. If Palestinians had not been forcibly removed from their homes by the Israeli government and society, then perhaps they would not be facing hardships in Jordan.

    Thanks. And, by the way, I am not the biggest fucking hypocrite. Thanks for thinking of me though.

    Peace, and take care,

  4. I get it. Even though Jordan IS, in fact, ethnic cleansing they're off the hook? So, they can do anything, right?

  5. So, you blame the Nazis for Palestinian hardship?