04 November 2010

Why are some people so much richer than others?

The Social Means for The Perpetuation of OppressionWhy are some people so much richer than others?! Is it because they are smarter and more talented, better-looking and more ambitious (etc.)? Or is it possible that often times, or at least in some cases, there are other reasons, for example, like being willing to take advantage of others, or to exploit differences between people.

And why are some people so much poorer than others. Is it because they are lazy, unmotivated, and stupid? Or is it possible that it is because the system is oppressive, corrupt, and discriminatory.

Is it possible that the system is racist, and classist, and functions in a way so that some have systemic advantage over others?

I tend to believe the latter. In a rational world, no human being would be subjected to violence by another. In a rational world, no human being would go without adequate food, shelter, and belonging in community in order to be healthy and happy.

In a rational world, people's needs would be met. The system would be designed to serve life—rather than to capitalize on people's differences, and prey upon their fears.

I believe that the world—human society—is more often irrational than rational, and that wide-spread oppression exists on a culturally systemic level—in a radical (root-level) way.

Nonetheless, it should be clear to everyone that another world is possible. It doesn't have to be like this. There is enough for everyone. There is no true need for war. People can learn to get along, and co-exist in peaceful harmony with each other.
Bruce and Berd
This is me and Bruce on Monday 1 November 2010 at a speech by Glenn Greenwald. The South Puget Sound Community College student group BRICK brought Greenwald to SPSCC to speak about civil liberties and terrorism in the era of the Obama Administration.

quote from Harvey Jackins from the photo above:
The crucial social means for the perpetuation of oppression is dividing the oppressed and pitting them against each other, so that different groups of oppressed people cooperate in oppressing each other to the "benefit" of the oppressing people.


  1. Thank you for your peace possible presence! It truly is!

  2. You tell us Berd. You're the one without a job.

  3. Do you think the Israeli boycott is racist?

  4. I think that the boycott of Israeli products is NOT racist.