04 November 2010

Stop the Abuse!

Good Morning,

It is obvious that the way the Israeli gov't and Israeli society treat Palestinians is bad for Palestinians. And it should be obvious that it's bad for Jews as well, and not only Jews living in Israel/Palestine, but all Jews.

Additionally, it's bad for the world. For Jews of conscience, who oppose the policies and behaviors of the Jewish state, what other alternative actions—other than Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions—do you propose, in order to persuade and pressure the Israeli state and society to stop abusing Palestinians?

Cascade Mountains


  1. When considering the issues in Palestine it is important not to label all Jews with the same paint brush of disdain. The Zionists sect of Judaism founded in central Europe is the one of the most evil groups in existence. Reflecting only a small portion of Jews, Zionist infiltration of mega corporate rule is well on the way to enslaving the western world. When will we stand up to defend Palestine and the countless other atrocities inflicted by fascism? Peace is possible my brother, when we unite in the common bond of unconditional love, acceptance and non judgment.
    When religions, governments and corporations push humanity to the limits they will determine the power they maintain can and will be lost in a heartbeat.

    I have enjoyed this fine site. I look forward to catching up and following your future thoughts.

    Namaste, my brother, love is all there is....

  2. What should we do to get Jordan and Lebanon to stop discriminating against Palestinians?

    I know, I know. You don't give a shit unless Israel's involved.


  3. When will Berd even COMMENT on gender appartheid in Saudi Arabia?

    Muslim countries can literally do ANYTHING--oppress gays, women, Jews-- and Berd won't say a word.

  4. It's too bad that people oppress each other. I wish for an end to all oppression. Honestly.