23 November 2010

Capitalism Hurts

Capitalism Hurts Flickr Group Slideshow (link to group photo pool):

Capitalism hurts!

Instead of the accumulation of wealth: imagine a society geared toward mutually beneficial, life-serving interests. Imagine a world of health and well-being, for ALL people!


  1. What's beneficial for me? How would you know and why is it any of your business?

  2. In what way is Israel desecrating Judaism?

  3. The Obama administration is strongly condemning a Palestinian official's claim that the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem has no religious significance for Jews and is actually Muslim property.

    The State Department said Tuesday that the United States rejects the comments as "factually incorrect, insensitive and highly provocative." Spokesman P.J. Crowley said statements of that kind damage US efforts to revive stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and could incite violence. He said neither side should do anything to prejudice the negotiations. (AP)

  4. I think that capitalism will not be sustainability and the real communism system (not the system of N Korea, USSR or China) would be coming in our world. :)