20 December 2006

Fornax the Troll

When once a young lad

       Whose name was Thad,

Went for a walk in the country

There came a great shout

       And a tremulous cry

For he stumbled upon a monster.

Old Fornax the brute

       A foul-tempered troll

Who was given to travelers's travails

Came upon he with a great

       Wooden stump - a former tree

He did a thump thump thump.

He did proceed to wander

       Into the village proper.

Where he found to his surprise

The central square alight

       With adornment gay, and song and tune -

Chorus and Instrument combined.

Astonished was he,

       though brutish and vile,

He smiled and laid down and cried.

1 comment:

  1. Well, as you might see, I haven't written much poetry recently, and I am a little bit rusty. Basically, what happened (to clarify this poem) is that Thad went into the woods for a walk, he came upon Fornax, who threatened him with a tree stump club (rootball attached) then Fornax chased Thad all the way into town, where there were some festivities taking place, which made Fornax sad.