12 December 2006

Total Disaster in Iraq

This is from email correspondence between Dahr Jamail and a contact of his in Iraq. It demonstrates the level to which the situation has been reduced. $4 for a gallon of gas - and in a country that has the second largest proven petroleum reserve on the planet. The condition of Iraq, caused by the illegal and unjustified invasion and occupation, is intolerable and worthy of ridicule. America will regret this deplorable set of crimes against humanity for a long time:
"It is worse than ever. The problem is that our U.S. government and the Iraqi ‘Government' tell the world that things are improving here when they are not. All of the rebuilding bull crap is nothing but a scam that is worse than the oil-for-food program [of the post-Gulf War I years]. We have ONE hour of electricity a day now. I have power to turn on some lights and my computer by way of a little generator that I hooked up to my office today. A gallon of gas costs over $4 now, when the salary of an engineer is less than $200 a MONTH."


"I hope I can show you how the dogs have started eating the dead bodies which lie in the streets of Baghdad now. I filmed one of the dead bodies while there was a dog eating on it. The U.S. troops and Iraqi police leave the dead bodies in the streets for one or two days… I think they intend to do this because they want everyone, including the children, to see this. Three days ago my young son saw some of the Shia militia as they killed an innocent Iraqi in front of his eyes just near his school.
link: http://tomdispatch.com/index.mhtml?pid=146966

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