11 December 2006

True Security Through Respectful Actions

"No nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over others."
- Mr. Kofi Annan


George Bush's reckless and offensive conquest of Iraq - his Administration's policy of advancing the Global Hegemony of Western Multinationals endanger America. Using the military power of the USA to advance his personal agenda of oil exploitation is anathema to the foundations of international citizenship. Instead of the good neighbor, America is rapidly advancing its ugly imperial onslaught. It is time for this to stop. We the People of the USA are ultimately responsible for exercising the powers of accountability over our government.

The onus is on us.


  1. I think it's interesting that all the people who oppose the war do so for supposedly "humanitarian" reasons. Have you all forgotten that it was a commn practice for Saddam Hussein to cut off the hands of people that opposed him? It was also a common practice to kill the wives and children of dissidents while they watched. Another ignored attrocity was the mass killing of people who were ethnically different from Hussien. Where were all your protests while these things were taking place? Hypocrites!!!

  2. Have you forgotten that it was the United States that put Saddam Hussein into power?

    Google 'Rumsfeld Hussein' under images and you will see a picture of the two shaking hands.

    The USA also provided Hussein with many of the weapons and chemicals he used to do harm to those who opposed him.

    You're right though. We should have been protesting then. But at that time, I was in grade school, and mostly - if not completely - unaware of the wrongs being committed in the name of America.

  3. Next time, show some faith in your convictions and some courage. Don't post anonymously!

    I am curious about your identity anonymous commenter.