14 December 2006

Redress for Grievances: Public Funds Used for Illegal Aggressive Invasion and Occupation

This "robert11" guy has something to say:
Iraq report normalizes the concept of US colonialism. I do not support a policy of global hegemony. As a tax payer, I demand redress for grievances relating to the expenditure of public funds for an aggressive invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation. The report makes it clear that Iraq is valuable because of its oil. But it is not acceptable to invade a country in order to procure its resources for our own uses. Simply unacceptable. President Bush is a criminal. He needs to be apprehended and held in confinement until evidence relating to his alleged crimes can be gathered and he can be brought to trial. This is the strategy for a new America and a process of stabilization in Iraq.

By robert11 | Dec 11, 2006 3:20:18 AM
comments on a Washington Post article regarding the cover art of the Iraq Report.

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