19 December 2006

Violence in Occupied Iraq Reaches All-Time High since Invasion

I'm looking at this information and thinking about the plan to send in more troops. I have heard that new plans are to increase the number of American soldiers by 50,000. What will this do? One thing it will do is give the insurgency more anger and fuel their attacks.

The answer to the problematic violence in Iraq is to begin a systematic and total withdrawal of US forces. It's the presence of a foreign force of occupation that triggers the violence. The US must relinquish its aspirations to control the oil wealth of Iraq:
Published: December 19, 2006

WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 — A Pentagon assessment of security conditions in Iraq concluded Monday that attacks against American and Iraqi targets had surged this summer and autumn to their highest level, and called violence by Shiite militants the most significant threat in Baghdad.

The report, which covers the period from early August to early November, found an average of almost 960 attacks against Americans and Iraqis every week, the highest level recorded since the Pentagon began issuing the quarterly reports in 2005, with the biggest surge in attacks against American-led forces. That was an increase of 22 percent from the level for early May to early August, the report said. [Full Text: The Report (pdf)]

While most attacks were directed at American forces, most deaths and injuries were suffered by the Iraqi military and civilians.
This is an unacceptable use of the US military. The American People clearly do not support wars of aggression, wars of imperial conquest. If the Bush Administration wants the oil of Iraq so badly, I charge him to create his own military infrastructure, and to use his own wherewithal to achieve his ends. I reject this Bush Administration military venture into Iraq.

Finally, we must hold the Bush Administration officials accountable for this crime; against the Peoples of Iraq and the USA, against humanity, against widely accepted codes of international conduct.

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