05 August 2008

Back from Protesting Illegal War at the Port of Tacoma

I just got back from the Port of Tacoma. I went to protest the shipment of a military cargo that was destined to further the occupation of Iraq by my government of the USA. Why would I protest? Lots of reasons, but there are a few, really just one or two, that stand out most prominently. The main reason that I protest is that the war is illegal. Of course, if you have been following my position on the war, you'll realize that this is nothing new. If you have been following my position on the war then hopefully you will understand the basic foundations of my assessment of the war's illegality. Yes, it is simply because the President (George W. Bush) lied to me (and to you) about the nature of the threat posed by the state of Iraq (Iraq didn't pose a threat).

Okay. So I am aggravated by the protest, and the Port of Tacoma's and Tacoma Police Department's willingness to enable an act of aggression by the federal government. Tacoma is enabling the needless slaughter and sacrifice of American soldiers and innocent Iraqis. It's disgusting - hideous - obscene, I could go on...

It was an interesting night altogether, and less so in terms of interactions with the police than for interactions I had with fellow protesters, some of them "black bloc." I had some interesting discussions about the role of the black bloc and how some of the black bloc people see themselves and their role in promoting social change (if those are the right terms - they might not be; it is late and I am tired.) Hopefully I will have more to write, and feel like doing so, about the details of the night's events. I took a few pictures that might turn out too. so stay tuned

ANYWAY, after discovering that the quick release on my rear bicycle wheel had been loosened and the brake cable released, I rode safely home through a beautiful night under a somewhat (Olympia is a moderate sized urban area) thick blanket of stars.

Ahhh... the beauty of the stars!

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