13 August 2008

Bush Adminsitration Special Interests v. Public Interest

The war of choice on Iraq, perpetrated by members of the Bush Administration, is a good example of special (private) interests taking over the public realm of government.

Instead of using tax dollars to fund a humane and sustainable energy policy, the White House (hi-jacked by oil industry executives) used the public infrastructure and tax dollars of the American People towards acts of aggression.

Instead of funding research and development into alternative technologies, into programs that would promote conservation and efficiency, the Bush Administration has launched the country into a many years war that will cost, when all is said and done, well over $2 Trillion. The monetary losses are nothing in comparison to the true economic and human costs: Millions of people have been killed or lost loved ones, and are suffering as a result of the wrongful and unnecessary war.

Damn. For the love of humanity and the planet, we must enforce accountability over our government. Of, by and for the people - may those words eventually ring true.

The situation is dire. It's severe. We need to take action because the planet is in distress. People are in distress. Species continue to go extinct at alarming rates. For the sake of the well-being of future generations... Please, ask of yourself what you can do, even if it just a small part, to effect change for the better.

For example, you could go all out and behave in a consistently nonviolent manner on a day-to-day basis - choosing to act only in ways that truly serve life.

Or you could try something decidedly more modest - say, driving strictly at or under the (posted or otherwise) speed limit, in an effort to conserve gasoline, and reduce pollution and violence associated with emissions and extraction (conserving gas also supports the troops).

Okay. Have Fun. Brainstorm. Breathe. Love. Be well.

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