29 August 2008


Some words. You can consider it a poem if you would like to... Word - Word them up:




It's a work in progress. But I just wanted to get it down. To be utterly revealing, the topic is branding for the movement for peace and justice and nonviolence (and resistance to: the corruption and tyrannies of power, and the (destructiveness to the planet, to ecosystems, to societies and individuals - of the) violent corporatist crusade for dominance.) It is to establish a mental banner, a frame of sorts, for those who are engaged in the struggle. I am struggling to create a better world, a sane and sustainable society that respects and serves humanity, all life, and the Earth.

please join me

[Of course, the movement would need to consent to such a (mental - or spiritual) banner...]
updated 14:17 Saturday, August 30th, 2008


  1. I will add words here until I get enough compiled to make a fuller and more complete work:

    1) responsive (as opposed to reactive, or "reactionary")

  2. "Haven't you heard, it's a battle of words.."

    Just the words themselves won't suffice without taking into account the individual people saying them.

    Given the fact that everyone is from all over the place, the ways people express themselves is usually all over the place too.

    Branding is of course a big part of American life, a symptom of corporate homogeneity.

  3. Feel free to add your own words, inspired by vision and hope for a better world.

  4. No Patrick. This is about vision. It is about choosing principles and embodiment of those principles.

    This is about consciousness and intentionality. Intentional living. Thinking about how my actions will affect everyone.

    So, this is not a war of words. This is just brainstorming.

    Do you have a vision of a better world?

  5. You caught me typing. I type slow.

  6. I also didn't "suffice" directed at you, I meant "suffice" insofar as how I can work it..

  7. Oh, I forgot about the battle of words stuff. That was just a Pink Floyd lyric..


  8. Thanks for your addition of "open" and "truth," Patrick.

    here are more:

    1) respectful

    2) inclusive

    3) honest

    4) persistent

    5) patient

  9. participatorty


    As in:

    "Thanks to cheap drive through fast food, your average American is participaportly.."

  10. Or as far as tort insofar as the definition provided by dictionary.com: " Damage, injury, or a wrongful act done willfully, negligently, or in circumstances involving strict liability, but not involving breach of contract, for which a civil suit can be brought."

    - like to participate in a class action lawsuit maybe. or a class action confrontation with a system that is full of wrongs and harmful.