28 August 2008

Blackhawk Over Olympia

A blackhawk helicopter flies noisily over Olympia. This one, or another or others like it, were out and about a lot yesterday. Well what do I have to say about it?

Stop the War!

Black Hawk Helicopter

The war was unnecessary. It never needed to happen. Iraq didn't pose a threat. The government and military of the USA have been hi-jacked by zealots.

Read more from Liet. Gen. Greg Newbold: Why Iraq was a Mistake


  1. Hey Berto.

    Like Curtis Mayfield says:

    "we just keep on keeping on.."


  2. Hey Patrick, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Personally, I feel better when I participate in acts of resistance to the current corruption.

    In the Course of Events

  3. You should..

    This war sucks, its worst this going right now.

  4. I meant to say:

    "worst thing going right now.."

    xcuse typo..