02 August 2008

Support for the Troops

I support the Troops. I support the Truth. Bush Lied. The war is illegal...

I support the soldiers of the US Military. The truth is that President Bush lied when he drove America to war based on falsely manufactured (so-called) evidence of imminent threat of attack from Iraq. Iraq did not threaten the USA (nor any other country.) The war was a pre-meditated offensive attack. A war of choice, and thusly it is illegal.

I support the action of Port Militarization Resistance. PMR seeks to oppose the militarization of our public ports, and the militarization of society as our ports are used - as the ports enable - an aggressive foreign policy of global dominance, and acts of aggression.


Let's not put the military personnel, soldiers and troops in harm's way without justifiable cause of self-defense.

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