03 March 2009

Do No Harm

Living in the midst of a culture of conquest it is a tremendous challenge, and tremendously difficult to do no harm. One article I read recently, when discussing US imperialism vis a vis overseas mineral (petroleum) resources, referred to the presence of "blood in our fuel lines" (Alex Ziegler, see below).

If we truly desire to see and live in another kind of world, then it will take a great and sustained struggle. Much work and effort will be required. But it's worth it. And I believe that this is the only righteous path upon which to tread.

In a world where human beings hurt, maim and kill each other - for the purposes of controlling or taking from one another, there is much pain, suffering and misery.

Another world is possible. A world built on compassion, on acceptance and tolerance of personal differences (language, age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, etc.), on cooperation, and forgiveness.

Imagine doing away with hate, hostility, vengeance and violence. Imagine moving toward a world where community is revered as true wealth in economies that are sustainable and steady state - without the harmful boom and bust of growth based economics.

Envision moving toward anarchical egalitarianism, consensual democracy - holding all the time the ethics of do no harm, and reciprocity.

Harmful economic activities affect us all. Harmful economic activities hurt us all.

I believe that humanity has the potential to create a culture of cooperation, where kindness and compassion are the principles. Imagine a world where people lift each other up - rather than crawl over each other in their effort to climb some insane ladder somehwere. Imagine a world where people are nice to each other - and not mean or degrading.

I know that this is possible. I just know it. How to make it reality and not an ideal... How... Hmmm.... Dreaming.... Dreaming..... Sing a song!

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