11 March 2009

Heaven on Earth

Why should we, as human beings, settle for anything less than heaven on Earth?

I don't believe in the Christian model of Heaven and Hell. Did Jesus really teach such an idea? Instead of an "after-life" consisting of either one or the other Heaven or Hell, I believe that life, this life, this existence here and now, has the potential to be Heaven, or Hell. In terms of after-life - I think that's largely up to us as individuals in terms of the dispersal of our soul-force.

Instead of an eternal "after-life," I believe that we, as individuals, are the arbiters of our spiritual destiny. So, I believe in re-incarnation. I believe that after death there is choice as to whether or not to re-incarnate, so that the karmic journey in life may be continued.

I do not believe in a conscious after-life. I do believe in the eternal human spirit - the soul - however, and I believe that the true manifestations of heaven, and/or hell, occur here, on Earth, incarnate.

So, I am trying to envision an Earth that is downright heavenly. Why not? Why not work for the creation of a world that is truly just, equitable, peaceful, uplifting, tolerant of personal diffferences, consensual, cooperative, open, honest, inclusive, nonviolent and truthful?

I believe that we are spiritual beings. You don't have to believe in God to believe that we, as humans, are spiritual beings. It will probably necessitate having or believing in some sort of a higher power - even if that power is the State (as in government,) or the neighbor's vicious barking dog (I wouldn't recommend these as higher powers), or your family, or community, or, as I prefer, all of existence and nature. (Without going into detail about the exact nature of my spiritual beliefs, I'm pretty much a planet worshipper.)

To create a "Heaven on Earth" will take a lot of hard work! But it will be worth it. And it will also be fun work. Because the joy is in the journey. Really there can be no culmination in a "heavenly" end. The work will be ongoing. The work will never be finished. So it damn well better be enjoyable. Or else what's the point?

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