11 March 2009

Stimulating Economic Change

Waxing GibbousInstead of using efforts toward economic stimulus to address the symptoms, and to prop up a system which is essentially broken and corrupt —— use economic stimulus to promote fundamental economic change - and economic justice. Move toward a stable, and sustainable steady-state economy. Move toward an economy where everyone has opportunity to live dignified and prosperous lives. Move toward an economy that does no harm - an economy that does not harmfully exploit people or planet...

Yes. It's a radical notion to do no harm. But what's the sense in cutting short our potential. Humans are wonderful and sacred creatures.

We are each complete and sufficient wholly within our own selves...

Let's honor each other and this magical planet. Let's lift each other up. There is another way. Another world is possible. A world of peace, justice, dignity, respect, health, prosperity, sustainability, egalitarianism. We are all one human family.

Yesterday I blogged about the juxtaposition between harmful economic stimulus spending, and harmful human economic activities in general - specifically in regard to the serious problem of ocean acidification. olyblog.net/carbon-emissions-cause-ocean-acidification-unprecedented-time-dinosaurs

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