23 March 2009

Want for an End to War

The USA has a new President. Obama's victory over McCain signals a mandate for change - for deep and substantial change - a mandate to end war. We are very much experiencing a different America; the new President does not refer to other nations as components in an "axis of evil," but he instead pushes for dialogue between nations.

Do you want an end to war. Can you imagine another world? What might it look and feel like?

I want an end to war. I can imagine another world. Among other aspects, it's a world without the fear that is created by violence between humans.

How can we make the possibility of another world into the reality of another world? How can we best effect change in the direction of a world where human beings do not hurt each other?

Talk about it.


  1. I did not want a war in the first place. President Obama does bring change. Change begins with respect for other points of view and for diversity,--And COMMUNICATION. Communication lessens fear. I believe that is the road we are now on with our President—he with us, and he, and us, with the world. I am optimistic.

  2. Your dreaming if you think by changing the president that this imperialistic, war mongering nation of morons is going to change. As long as the citizens of a nation are unwilling to abandon their desire to consume the resources of the planet than they will require a violent force to defend their greed. War is only the natural effect that arises due to the cause of ignorance. People in the world talk about peace but are very rarely willing to make the sacrifice required to achieve this end. Such as ending their greed, anger and delusion. Hope is as empty as fear.