28 March 2009

Rain World Film

I keep trying to remember the title of film I saw when I was in the fourth grade. This film had profound impact on me. I want to know the title so that I can look it up, it's something I would like to see again. Maybe I will go to the library and see if a Librarian can help me out with it.

The film is set in a place that is very rainy and cloudy. It is constantly cloudy and rains pretty much all the time. The focus of the movie is a school. It seems like a boarding school. It's all concrete (kind of like the Evergreen State College.) Anyway, in the movie, forecasters predicted that the sun was to come out - but only for 1 or 2 hours, and only on one day. - Maybe if I remember right, this is an annual, or semi-annual occurence, or once in a few years - anyway, it's a rare occurrence. So, everyone in the school was very excited for the rain to stop and the sun to come out.

One of the students in the school was prone to being bullied. And there was a group of students whom were very mean. While all of the other children were excited about going outside, a few of the mean ones took this other victim student and locked her into a room so that she was unable to go outside when the sun came out.

So it went. The sun came out. Everyone went outside and ran through the fields. Flowers bloomed. Everyone went outside—except for the one victim child. It was so sad. It touched me very deeply. I remember some of the children picked flowers, and gave them to the victim child. Some consolation.

A great film, I took two morals from it - one about the dangers of climate change, and the other about the problems of meanness and bullying. Thank you, Mr. Halpern.

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