17 June 2010

Cascadia Freedom Caravan Day 5 Update

We are heading for Detroit, ETA is for this evening.

Petro-chemical Industrial Manufacturing Refinery

This is a photo from North Dakota.

It's Day 5. Last night we stayed in a really nice church in Milwaukee. The Central United Methodist Church. I was grateful for the hospitality after 4 long days on the road; I had some delicious food and needed rest.

We also did a presentation at the church, and I was really impressed by the skills of my fellow caraveners, whom I think are all brilliant human beings.

We had a panel that included geographical representation of people going to the US Social Form in Detroit, from Portland, Seattle, and Milwaukee. Then we had people talk about issues. We watched a video that members of the B Media Collective produced. It's a six minute video about an open pit copper mine that we visited in Butte MT.

I showed some photos, Danny Kelley and others did musical performances.

Members of the audience asked a few intelligent questions after the presentation, so it seemed successful.

We just passed through Chicago. It's hot and muggy.

The bus got cleaned this morning, so we are rolling in style.

Rick is driving like a champion.

I am looking forward to getting to Detroit after a stop in Ann Arbor to pick up some boxes from Rising Tide.

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