11 June 2010

Nonviolence is the Way to Peace

Nonviolence isn't easy. It's more like an art than a science. Nonviolence is not simply the absence of violence. Nonviolence is a constructive, creative force. It is truth force. It is the intention to do no harm. It is the intention to protect. For me, it is the intention and desire to protect all life against harm, and abuse.

Here's an interesting article from Tikkun.org. I like the Tikkun organization very much. The article is about Michael Nagler, who is an advocate of nonviolent resistance and cultural change.

Here's a short description:
A short article showing excerpts of a longer article by Michael Nagler, which gently criticizes the behavior of some of the Mavi Marmara, based on his belief in the efficacy of nonviolence. Nagler believes that violent reactions are often knee-jerk in our culture, and that often we are unaware about other possibilities, and also untrained to properly respond in a more productive, creative, nonviolent manner.

Please check it out: Commentary of the flotilla attack by a leading nonviolence educator

p.s. from the video, an important idea: "either fight or flight is violence." - nonviolence is another way.

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