06 June 2010

What's Up

I am just catching up having had a busy day. Quick run-through: volunteered with the Family Support Center last night. The Olympia FSC has a shelter for homeless families, and a friend and I stayed overnight last night. I liked it and I look forward to volunteering more with the FSC.

Then I went to Media Island (International,) where participants in the Cascadia Freedom Caravan hosted a brunch to benefit the travel expenses from Olympia to Detroit. We plan to bus to Detroit next week to attend the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum. Looking forward to that. It was a good brunch, and a really nice crowd of people that came through MII today.

After that was some clean-up and socializing. Then the Bruce and Berd weekly radio hour, which airs 7 to 8pm Sundays on KOWA 106.5 LP FM. KOWA has a studio attached to MII. Was a good show and we had a guest on the show who talked about media issues.

On my way home I was treated to a gorgeous late spring, late evening, extended sunset display. It was gorgeous, I hope to have a few more photos of it to share soon.

Peace to the World,

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