22 June 2010

USSF Opening Day

The United States Social Forum opened today with a march and a ceremony. The theme of the forum is that another world is possible, and another US is necessary in order to make that other world possible. The phrase Another World is Possible comes from Arundhati Roy.

Thousands of activists from all around the USA have converged upon the city of Detroit Michigan for the five days of the forum.

The opening ceremony was marked with great wisdom from a few local organizers and other visitors.

Detroit is an appropriate place to host the forum because the city has suffered in recent times the effects of a boom and bust economy that places profits before people.

Here's a photo from the march that led to the opening ceremony at COBO hall.

I'm tired. Although I wish I had more energy to write more about the march today and the ceremony!

I am looking forward to plugging in and learning more about the work to challenge the existing harmful culture, and to make the world a better place.


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