16 June 2010

Day Four CFC from PNW to Detroit

Badlands ND
On day three of the Cascadia Freedom Caravan from the PNW (Pacific Northwest {Oregon and Washington}) we traveled from South central Montana to Fargo North Dakota, and Moorehead Minnesota.

It was a sunny and warm day of travel through a beautiful landscape.

Today, day four, we are driving for Milwaukee Wisconsin.

As I write this we are approaching St. Cloud, MN and about 80 miles from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The clouds are accumulating, and the agricultural fields are very green. It smells wet, and it seems like there is a possibility for rain.

People are tired, right now most of the people on the bus are asleep, I think there are only about 7 of us still awake.

Last night as we drove through the darkness on our way to Fargo, I could hear 7 different conversations taking place simultaneously amongst the 25 passengers on the bus. It was pretty amazing. There have been some amazing, interesting and important conversations that have occurred on the trip.

So far, I have had a lot of conversations about culture, society, economics, politics, the environment, spirituality, values, and other topics that are of interest to me.

Right now we are listening to Amy Goodman speak on Democracy Now! The segment is an interview about BP's human-made undersea petroleum volcano in the Gulf of Mexico.

I am learning a lot about 'merica (i.e. America.) And so far, I still believe that another world is possible. A world of altruism, where success is based on the common welfare of all people. A world where people demonstrate caring attitudes and behaviors for each other, for all people, realizing that we are all part of one interconnected web of life. A world where people do not hurt each other, and earnestly seek to gain understanding and awareness of how our system is harmful... A world of respect, of love and truth, of peace and harmony.

Joy in the struggle!

And Peace.


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  1. Hey Berd,
    did you see the pbs documentary on Bill Kuntsler? His speech about the "justice" system and how it has been used to incarcerate and rid the world of people those in power did not like was amazing. His examples ranged from Plato and Socrates to Sacco and Vanzetti.
    love the blog.