21 June 2010

Update from Detroit Michigan

It's Monday, June 21, 2010. Happy Solstice!

I am in Detroit Michigan for the US Social Forum and the Allied Media Conference. The AMC ended yesterday, and the USSF begins tomorrow.

I participated in a workshop yesterday about health and healing. It was partly titled "Health is Dignity and Dignity is Resistance." I like that concept.

Today the plan is to participate in a Poor People's March.

Last night an incinerator fired up. The incinerator is less than a half mile away from the house I am staying in.

The last couple of mornings I have been experiencing an unusual nasal drip. I wonder if it is due to air pollution. And I wouldn't be surprised if it is. I worry that there might be plastic burning in the incinerator, which would create airborne dioxin.

Here's a photo from Detroit. My Internet access is limited, so I plan to upload more photos in the future, but here is one of the incinerator that is stationed so close to this residential neighborhood.

Incinerator in Detroit Michigan

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